Hello! My alias is e24_84/natix but my real name is Daniel Molina! I am a 19-year-old kid from Miami, Florida! I am a curious crazy creative nerd person who does all kinds of stuff. I am a 3D Artist, an eSports player that has won more than 3,000$ in tournaments (see my documentary and website), a Game Developer (first release of mine), a Video Editor/Content Creator, and a DDR hobbyist.

G Holmes Braddock Senior High School - 2022-2023: Top Outstanding Gaming & Simulations Student Award

Adobe Certified Professional - Visual Design using Adobe Photoshop Certification

Where's P? (Video Game) - Programmer, 2D Sprite Artist

e24_84's Backrooms (3D Showcase) - Unreal Engine 3D Environment Layout Artist

Radical Heights Remake - Unreal Engine UMG/UI Artist

Nat1x (Youtube) - Video Editor, Content Creator

Nat1x (Tiktok) - Video Editor, Content Creator

The Braddock Chronicles Show (Tiktok) - Founder, Host, Video Editor, Content Creator